Leaders We Trust Endorse Corina for Kenmore Council !

Learn what people are saying about Corina Pfeil for Kenmore !


"Corina is a champion for Kenmore and the region.Deliverin tangible results. Her stratergy helped secure the Crisis Care Center for the Northend and Eastside Communities in King County, a long overdue resource to serve our communities when in crisis."     

                              - State Senator Mona Das

State Senator Mona Das

"I am proud to endorse Corina for Kenmore City Council. Her long term service and continual commitment to advocate for all residents in Kenmore makes her an asset to City Council."       

                -State Senator Manka Dhingra


"Corina is a leader who delivers on diversity and equity through her meaningful work and policy direction rsulting in a vibrant welcoming, safe and affirming community for All and our region.   

             - State Representative Darya Faivar

State Representative Darya Farivar,

"Corina has proven time and time again that she is a tireless advocate. Whether it is for the developmental disability community, for health care access or community safety, her tenacity, data driven advocacy and can do spirit has lead to sucessful results every time." 

                 - State Representative Tana Senn


"We can Trust Corina to deliver policies to support Kenmore and our region on affordable housing and the enviornment."     

      - Toshiko Hasegawa, Port Commissioner

State Senator Mona Das


"Corina Pfeil is a leader we need, to help individuas and families live happy, healthy, and producive lives. She has stood up to create a more inclusive and vital Kenmore, where people love to come together to gather. She makes Kenmore a better place for all with community events connecting families and bridging th SNAP program to the Framers Market. "

"Corinas track record on Kenmor City Council proves she'll put th people of Kenmore  first, while accomplishing local and regional goals for a thriving business community, affordable housing, enviroment and climate goals. That's why I am proud to endorse Corina for Kenmore City Council Position 7."      

                   -Megan Dunn, Sno. Co. Councilmember

State Senator Mona Das

"She is a strident voice for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility for all of our residents and is a true advocate for our community."  

                                 - Melanie O'Cain, Deputy Mayor, City of Kenmore Council


"Corina has a heart for Kenmore. Her good ideas, enthusiam, and adcocacy make Kenmore a better place for all."       - Joe Marshall, Kenmore Councilmember

"Corina is a regional and national leader on the critical issues facing our cities, including climate change, affordable housing and social justice."

    -Chris Roberts, Shoreline Councilmember

Chris Roberts, Shoreline Councilmember, and Former Mayor


"Corina is a collaborative leader on important issues facing Kenmore and the region."     

   - Amy Falcone, Kirkland Councilmember

State Senator Mona Das

"I am proud to endorse Corina Pfeil for Kenmore City Council. I am impressed by her knowledge of the city and the oppertunities and challenges ahead as Kenmore grows and becomes a more vibrant and attractive place for people to live and businesses to thrive. She will be a throughful and hard-working city councilmember and I look forward to working with her on regional issues that beneit us all around Lake Washington."

                                                                    - John Stokes; Bellevue City Councilmember, (Former Mayor)


"I Endorse Corina Pfeil for Kenmore City Council Position 7. I endorsed her in her first bid for this seat, and I a happy to endorse her for re-election to Retain her seat.

Corina cares about issues that are important to me as an educator - affordable housing and safe, inclusive transportation.

Ensuring families are able to remain in their homes and then especialy students are able to get to and from activities is critical in cratig communities that thrive.  I have watched Corina advocate for others and I am proud to support her to continue this effort." 

 -Erin Jones, Former OSP'16 , Education Systems Consultant

State Senator Mona Das


"A strong advocate for the issues Kenmor and our region ar facing. She provides an equitable lens for policy dirction, both inclusinve and thoughtful, important for the future of Kenmore."           

                                                                                         - Leanne Hust, Educator & Counselor, Resident

 "I have been a resident of Kenmore for over 21 years. Corina has been the best by far most responsive, well-informed , researched and empathetic councilmembember."  "she listens and she cares about All of our rsidents.

Thats why I am voting Yes!   To re-elect Corina Pfeil for Kenmore City Council!"   

         -Wendy Reyonlds, Kenmore Resident

Wendy Reyonlds, Kenmore Resident

"I have worked with Corina Pfeil on many community and regional projects. She is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, making Kenmoer a great place for all.   Corina is a great choice for Kenmore City Council and can be trusted to do what is right for the community.

That's why I recomend friends and neighobors to Vote Yes!  Re-Elect Corina Pfeil for Kenmore City Council Position 7" 

-Heidi Schauble; Behavioral Health, BA. Mastors of Policy Studies, Top 4 of 2023 Emerging Leaders